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Ford Capri

If Ford brings back the Capri, this could be it!

If Ford brings back the Capri, this could be it!

The Ford Capri was Europe’s answer to the Mustang; sure the vehicle was equipped with a smaller engine, but it was still an attractive, rear wheel drive sports car that offered good performance for the money.

Blue oval fans have been spreading rumors about a comeback for the Capri for over a year now. They are saying that Ford will release a Capri concept sometime this year, and hopefully, followed by a production version for 2010.

If the plan does come to fruition, the new Capri would share the same front wheel drive platform as the Ford Focus and will benefit from the company’s new “Kinetic Design.” If the Capri ever hits the streets, look for it to be lining up at stoplights for impromptu time trials alongside hot hatches, like Volkswagen’s new Scirocco.

Bugatti Royale

This is probably not the first time you have heard about the upcoming four-door four-seater coming from Bugatti. The concept version will be revealed at this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show in celebration of company’s 100th anniversary, and production is expected to begin sometime within the next three years.

The Royale sedan will be inspired by the 1927 Type 41 Royale and will be no less expensive and exclusive as Bugatti’s current supercar, the 16 cylinder, quad turbo, 1001 HP Veyron.

Developed in collaboration with Bentley, the new Royale sedan will be built using the next Arnage’s platform and will incorporate much of the technology already found in the Veyron. Like the four-wheel-drive system, the 8.0 Liter boosted W16 engine. In the saloon version, the engine will be detuned to deliver only 987 HP and 1,250 Nm of torque. Although less than the coupe, the Royale will still be able to sprint from 0 to 60 mph in 3 seconds and hit a top speed of over 250 MPH.

Lexus LF-A will go on sale in 2010: limited to only 500 units

Lexus LF-A will go on sale in 2010: limited to only 500 units

A short while ago, Top Speed announced that the production version of the Lexus LF-A super car will make its official debut this October at the Tokyo Auto Salon, and that potential Lexus super car owners would be able to start placing orders shortly thereafter. Fortunately for collectors, the Japanese automaker is limiting the production of their V10 powered super car to just 500 units, with 120 of them headed for their domestic market.

When the LF-A does hit showrooms, don’t expect to call it an LF-A, instead the Japanese luxury car maker is going to adopt the GT moniker "in order to express the car’s character." The GT name will be combined with some iteration of the car’s 550 HP maximum output. So it will most likely be called the Lexus GT550, it would be nice for the Toyota subsidiary to bring back the Supra name, but maybe that will happen later on. So just remember, when you go to the dealership to place your order, don’t ask for an LF-A.

Golden Bentley Continental GT spotted in Dubai

Golden Bentley Continental GT spotted in Dubai

Lately, golden cars have been popping up everywhere, especially in Dubai. Following in the tradition of the golden Hamann Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano and the golden Bugatti Veyron, may we present to you, the golden Bentley Continental GT.

If white has become the color of choice for Europeans and black the chosen shade for Americans, it would seem that Arabs are partial to the reflective golden surface treatment. Lets just hope that the golden GT doesn’t share the same fate as the golden Porsche

BMW Motorrad Technology Bearer For Highly Dynamic Systems

BMW Motorrad Technology Bearer For Highly Dynamic Systems

As part of research activities on future regulation systems, a motorcycle test vehicle has been created under the umbrella of BMW Group research and technology. This vehicle has a very high engine output and lightweight construction technology and is designed to test highly dynamic processes in engine and driving dynamics management under extreme conditions. BMW Head of Development Prof. Burkhard Göschel said that the choice of a motorcycle to study fundamental technological developments (...)

Knight XV

Knight XV for the urban grocery assault

If you’re still feeling paranoid that the soccer moms will be able to penetrate your BMW X5 security, then upgrade to the Knight XV. Taking a bow a SEMA, this $295,000 urban assault vehicle is Pimp My Ride meets a disputed eastern European country. This fully armored vehicle comes with Wilton Wool carpeting, Andrew Muirhead leather, 6-way seating, tandem sunroof glass with privacy shades, side-mounted laptop stations, LED cabin lighting, an Alpine DVD navigation and Bluetooth connectivity, TVs, night vision and rear operation camera system, and a PlayStation 3.

The company says it uses biofuel to power the 400 hp V10. So if anybody asks, you can just tell them it runs off the people who get in your way.

The makers are looking to have an initial run of 100 vehicles. That may be fine considering there’s got to be at least that many ultra-rich out there who describe the outside world as doing the hell-in-a-handbasket thing.

Rubber Mount Y2K

Cory Ness's rubber mount Y2K

Jeff Goudreau was a longtime Softail rider, but after trying out one of Cory Ness’s rubber mount steeds, he caught the bug to build a machine with the smooth riding quality of Harley’s Dyna, only more stylish: a chopper. And that led him back to his old buddy with an idea-why not make a rubber mount chopper based on Ness’ Y2K frame? He started by bolting up the rolling chassis. Speedpoint wheels with Avon shoes and Ness/PM brake set ups were mated to the rear swingarm and for the front (...)

Devon GTX Supercar to debut at Pebble Beach

There will be a new super car making its debut this July at the 2009 Pebble Beach Concourse d’ Elegance. What better place for the American made machine from Devon Motorworks, the racing team is owned by Justin Bell, son of the great Derek Bell, Justin has raced everything from Trans-Am cars to Daytona Prototypes, so there is plenty of R&D from the race track to go into the future GTX road car. The company claims that when completed, they will take the Devon GTX to Germany in order to break the single lap record at the Nürburgring track.

The Devon GTX is a pure driving machine; with an inherent beauty that comes from a simplistic and functional design. The body features wide arches that stick out even more with the two tone paint scheme. The interior is filled with retro touches like the cueball looking shift knob that looks like it came right out of an old Shelby Mustang. With the GTX, Devon Motorsports is looking to create the future super car. An entire lineup of high performance machines could be in the racing team’s near future, having offered Chrysler $5.5 Million for the Dodge Viper, although it is well under Chrysler’s $10 Million asking price, this could be a new era for American made, world class sports cars.

Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport first drive

Now that the exotic automaker Bugatti’s latest open air super car, the Veyron Grand Sport, has officially gone into production, our friends from CAR had the chance to get behind the wheel and have a little fun with the wind in their hair at over 250 MPH. Unfortunately it didn’t rain during their test drive, so they didn’t get to try out the makeshift umbrella/roof that will keep you dry in a pinch, but the one thing you have to love about the Grand Sport is the 420 KPH speedometer.


By now many of you have surely heard of the debacle that has been caused by the Consumer Product Safety Act of 2008, otherwise known as the CPSIA. Late last year, a number of children's toy retailers were forced to hastily recall large stocks of their products made in China from store shelves and warehouses when it was discovered that paint and other components used in their construction contained excessive amounts of lead. Lead can cause numerous serious health problems in children, so there was a massive public outcry for the government to do something (as well as opportunistic politicians seeing a chance to do some grandstanding). Unfortunately, as is often the case when a bureaucratic entity wades into a situation to save the day, the result is often a paint-brush style of lawmaking that—while usually handling the original problem at hand—also unnecessarily affects other industries who had nothing to do with the issue that instigated the law.

Such is the case with the current motorcycle industry malaise that has resulted from the CPSIA's poorly thought-out and generalized wording. Because the CPSIA bans any product intended for children with lead content that exceeds specified standards, it has effectively killed off the youth off-road vehicle market. This is due to the fact that motorcycles and ATVs use lead alloys in many components for specific manufacturing reasons, and even though the possibility of lead exposure from touching those parts that are even accessible is infinitesimally small (many health experts have cited that you would get the same exposure from drinking a glass of water), they still fall within the overly broad guidelines of the law and are thus subject to its enforcement. This has forced manufacturers and dealerships to stop the sale of any youth motorcycles and ATVs, and any parts-related retailing as well.

What does this have to do with sportbikes? A hell of a lot more than you think.

The economic impact that this consequence has had on the motorcycle and motorized recreation industry is obvious. In an overall economy that is already struggling, cutting off a good portion of revenue from dealerships that are already barely keeping their heads above water can be catastrophic. I've already heard reports of many dealerships going out of business, and there are others surely teetering on the brink of bankruptcy due to the loss of revenue. Less dealerships means less competition, leading to higher prices and more difficulty sourcing parts and other related items. This is besides the lost opportunity for a youth to discover the joys of motorized recreation, which will surely plant a seed of enthusiasm that will carry on to later years and help grow the sport. Or the fact that- robbed of properly designed machinery- youths will end up attempting to ride full-size ATVs, a very dangerous prospect.

Previously, the AMA and MIC recommended focusing letter-writing campaigns toward the Consumer Product Safety Commission (the federal agency responsible for enacting and enforcing this law). However, it soon became obvious that the CPSC was unwilling to exclude motorcycles and other products that were not in the original intent of the law, mostly due to the fact that the CPSIA's legal language isn't specific enough, and the CPSC didn't want to bank on the hope that their interpretation of the law would stand up to any court challenges (For instance, although there are minimum standards for lead content prescribed in the one section, another portion of the law states that banned products include any that will "result in the absorption of any lead into the human body", which could be interpreted to mean even the most miniscule amount). Although CPSC chairwoman Nancy Nord denied a petition from the motorsports industry asking for motorcycle/ATV exclusion, she did vote for a one-year stay of enforcement for the CPSIA. However, it's important to note that CPSC Commissioner Thomas Moore hasn't weighed in on the petition, nor do we know the position of the state attorneys general on this matter, and it's only a temporary hold on the situation.

(UPDATED 4/17/09: According to the AMA, the CPSC "voted to not exclude youth-model motorcycles and ATVs from a law that bans their sale because of possible lead concerns--but has cleared the way for a second vote by month's end to delay enforcement of the law." Also, Moore finally released a statement agreeing with chairwoman Nord on favoring a stay of enforcement. "It is clear from the post-enactment statements of some Members of Congress who were Conferees on the CPSIA that they believe the Commission has the authority to make sensible allowances for these vehicles as long as child safety is not compromised," Moore said in his statement. "Given the extremely restrictive language of the law, the only avenue I can see is for the Commission to establish an enforcement plan that follows, to the greatest extent possible, the Act's intention for future production, while providing relief to the industry and the riding community for vehicles already manufactured and those manufactured during the stay."
According to the AMA, "Because both members of the commission have said they favor a stay of enforcement, the move almost certainly will stay the execution of parts of the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) within the agency. On Friday, commission filings in preparation for the vote indicated a stay could be as long as two years, possibly expiring May 1, 2011. A planned second vote on that timeframe is expected by the end of April.
In addition, it's not clear whether state attorneys general, who are also charged with enforcing the law, will also stand down.")

Note that none of Moore's statement talks about getting motorcycles/ATVs excluded from the CPSIA, only "providing relief...for vehicles already manufactured and those manufactured during the stay." Trying to get the CPSC to exclude motorcycles/ATVs from the lead ban is barking up the wrong tree. The only way to truly fix the situation is to get the CPSIA amended via legislation. One way is to strongly advocate two new bills that have been introduced, S. 608 in the Senate and H.R. 1587 in the House of Representatives. Introduced by U.S. Sen. Jon Tester (D-Mont.), on March 17, S.608 would amend the CPSIA to exclude secondary sales, repair services and certain vehicles, including youth ATVs and motorcycles, from the ban on lead in children's products. Reps. Denny Rehberg (R-Mont.), Michael Burgess (R-Texas), Earl Pomeroy (D-N.D.), and Mike Simpson (R-Idaho), introduced H.R. 1587 on March 18 in the U.S. House of Representatives to amend the lead prohibition provisions of the CPSIA to provide an exemption for certain off-highway vehicles, along with other purposes.

The MIC is urging its members, dealers, and enthusiasts to act and show their support for S. 608 and H.R. 1587 by contacting their members of Congress and appropriate committee members via

Friday, June 5, 2009

Ferrari F-430

Ferrari stops F-430 production for charity

With the Ferrari F-450 right around the corner, the Italian super car builder is hoping to stir up additional demand for the future mid-engine Ferrari by halting the production of its predecessor. All for a good cause of course.

The last Ferrari F-430 to roll of the production line will be auctioned by R&M. The proceeds will go to benefit the victims of the recent Earthquake that devastated the nation on April 6th. The efforts will be mainly focused on the rebuilding of Aquila, a small central Italian town that was most hurt by the incident; and the F-430 wears a two tone paint scheme in honor of the town.

2010 Volkswagen Scirocco R

Volkswagen Scirocco R

Volkswagen revealed today the R version of the Scirocco sports car. Based on the Scirocco GT24, the R version adds - compared to a standard model - large air intake openings in the front bumper, integrated front spoiler, bi-xenon headlights, roof edge spoiler, a striking shining black diffuser, the chrome tailpipes of the dual exhaust system and 18" alloy wheels.

Volkswagen Scirocco R is powered by a four-cylinder 2.0 l TSI engine that delivers 265 PS and 350 NM of torque. The engine is mated to either a six-speed manual transmission or a DSG one. The sprint from 0 to 62 mph will be made in about 6,5 seconds, while top speed is limited to 155 mph.

The car will make its first debut during the 24- hour race at Nurburgring. Sales in Europe will begin in September.

Hyundai Genesis Coupe 3.8 V6

Hyundai Genesis Coupe 3.8 V6 track package first impression

We just got back from driving the 3.8 Liter V6 powered Hyundai Genesis Coupe, and let me tell you, this car has plenty of power. After stepping out of the four cylinder and into the six, we see what Hyundai was trying to create with their new sport compact. The more powerful motor is a better match for the coupe’s outstanding handling abilities, and brings the most out of the new vehicle.

Whereas the turbo four was fun to drive, the V6 is outstanding. First of all the sound of the exhaust is amazing, compared to the turbo motor, the 300 HP six cylinder has a bark that would make V8 owners jealous. The added torque of Lambda engine is enough to plant you into the seat back. Whereas the 275 series tires seemed a little wide for the 210 HP turbo four cylinder Genesis Coupe, the added power is enough to break them loose and have a little fun.

The V6 in our test car is the same engine found under the hood of the RMR drift car, except the drift car is making 500+ HP with the help of a little boost, on the stock internals. After taking the six cylinder for a drive we fully understand why Hennessey and HKS are so eager to make performance parts for the Lambda powered coupe.

Before you lay down the cash for the turbocharged four cylinder Hyundai, take the V6 for a test drive. You will be pleasantly surprised. With this power plant Ford Mustangs and Chevy Camaros better keep up their game, because with the Genesis Coupe, it is now possible to get big bang for your buck, without having to buy domestic.

Nismo Nissan GT-R

Nismo will rent you more fun for your Nissan GT-R

When Nissan offered their Series II upgrade package for the 2009 GT-R they improved the handling and added a few aesthetic pieces, but they forgot to increase the power. That is because the Japanese automaker’s motor sport division, Nismo, is offering an upgrade of their own. The Nismo power package consists of new engine and transmission software that offers more low-end torque and a higher maximum boost for more top end. They also raised the top speed to 199 MPH.

However, unlike the upgrade being offered by Nissan, you have to rent the Nismo package. The first two years of factory tuned GT-R fun will cost you $3,090; after that the lease can be extended for another year for only $330 more.

Seeing as the initial investment is about 10 times the cost to maintain the package, the Nismo power upgrade is an investment that is well worth holding on to.

Golden Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano by Hamann

Golden Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano by Hamann

A vehicle this bold can only come from one part of the world, the United Arab Emirates. This particular Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano was modified by the German luxury car tuner Hamann. The Ferrari features a new bodykit, subtle Hamann spoilers, an extra 53 HP, new wheels and hp and of course, a golden finish.

Veritas RS III

Veritas RS III will debut at London Motor Show

The German car builder Veritas has announced that the production version of the RS III will make its world debut this July at the Salon Prive Motor Show in London. When the futuristic looking open-air speedster goes on sale it ill be accompanied by a $377,000 price tag.

The car is a modern-day interpretation of the classic Veritas racing cars from the 1940s. Like the original, a BMW engine will power this Veritas, except now it is a modern BMW M5 5.0 Liter V10 that develops 600 HP. Tipping the scale at just 2,360 pounds, the RS III will have an excellent power to weight ratio and will be capable of accelerating from 0 to 60 MPH in just 3.2 seconds and achieve a top speed of 217 MPH. Veritas will also offer a V8 powered version with a slightly lower top speed of 204 MPH and a few tenths slower 0 to 60 MPH time of 3.6 seconds.

2010 Ariel Atom 500

Ariel Atom 500

We warned you it was coming, the light weight sports car builder, Ariel, has just released a ridiculously powerful version of their open cockpit two-seater, the Atom 500. Although the V8 is quite small, displacing only 2.4 Liters, the blown five valves per cylinder design and 10,000 RPM capabilities means that there is more than 500 HP on tap. The 6 speed Sadev sequential gearbox will get a lot of use in the Atom 500, it features flatshift capabilities, paddle shifters as well as launch control.

Like the old Pirelli slogan says: “power is nothing without control,” so in order to get the Atom 500 to stick to the road, the vehicle’s engineers had to fit and F1 inspired aerofoil to the nose as well as a GT sized rear wing. Stopping power is provided by a foursome of Alcon four-piston brake calipers housed inside of lightweight Dymag magnesium wheels.

The power to weight ratio of the Atom 500 is almost unheard of for a road car, over 1000 HP per ton. If you thought the old Atom was absolutely amazing, the 500 should be nothing short of insanity.

Future Ferrari F450

Future Ferrari F450 - new details

It is no secret that the Italian automaker from Maranello is working hard developing their successor to the mid engine F-430. What should come as no surprise is that the future Ferrari, currently code named “F142”, is believed to become the best prancing horse yet. There are even rumors that this Italian stallion will be given a proper name, as opposed to the “F” followed by the vehicle’s displacement, which we have all come to recognize as a symbol of style and performance.

As usual, the body of the Ferrari F450 has been built by Pininfarina, and features an even more aggressive aerodynamic design. Everything from the rounded headlights, that mimic the ones on the Ferrari California, new vents in the rear as well as the central exit exhaust motivate the next generation Ferrari sports car to cut through the air.

Under the deck lid Ferrari will use a 4.6 Liter V8 that will put out 520 HP, meaning the future sport scar will be even quicker than the factory tuned Scuderia. As usual for their mid engine super cars; Ferrari plans to offer the future model in both a coupe and spyder bodies. Hopefully we won’t have to wait until the 2010 Frankfurt Motor Show to find out what Ferrari will call the newest addition to their stable.

Future Lotus Esprit

Future Lotus Esprit could get Lexus LF-A engine

The English sports car maker Lotus has a history of using Toyota power plants in their light weight, high performance machines. Just like the Elise was powered by the same 1.8 Liter VVT-i four cylinder found under the hood of the Celica, for 2012 the new Esprit could be powered by the same V10 that will go into the future Lexus LF-A super car. This means that the next Lotus Esprit will be competing with $100,000+ vehicles like the Lamborghini Gallardo.

For the rest of us, Lotus is preparing a version that will make use of the 5.0 Liter V8 that makes 417 HP in the Lexus IS-F. There is even talk of a 300 HP entry level version that will use a direct injected Toyota V6, tuned by Lotus. The way this is going, it wouldn’t be surprising if Lotus found a home for the new 1.8 Liter hybrid engine from the Prius in an eco-friendly Esprit.

However, none of this will see the light of day until Lotus puts the Evora on sale, because Lotus’s 2+2 chassis will be the starting point for the future Esprit. Either way, the English automaker will need to sell a few models and put away a few pounds before they can get to work.

Jaguar XF Police Edition

Jaguar XF Police Edition

Watch out British bad guys, because the fuzz is after you, in style. Jaguar has just released their first ever, police spec XF. With an average fuel economy of 42 MPG, this diesel powered Jaguar XF is the perfect vehicle for outlasting criminals in a high speed pursuit. The 3.0 Liter turbo diesel V6 makes around 270 HP and is enough to launch the police cruiser from 0 to 60 MPH in just 5.9 seconds. The police spec XF was chosen due to the vehicle’s very high level of performance and handling, as well as safety and comfort. Geoff Cousins, UK Managing Director for Jaguar Cars, said that “Police forces are looking for vehicles that represent value for money, have good environmental credentials and deliver the power and performance required of a pursuit vehicle.”

Although it’s not quite a pursuit Lamborghini Gallardo, this Jaguar XF is enough to make me think twice about speeding through the U.K.

Audi TT-RS

Audi TT-RS - European prices announced

Audi has just announced the European pricing for their latest addition to the TT line-up of compact sports cars, the TT-RS. Available as both a coupe and a roadster, the new Audi TT-RS will be available for sale from European dealerships starting this summer for around 55,800 Euros for the coupe and at 58,650 Euros for the open air roadster.

Standard on the TT-RS will be: Audi’s quattro all-wheel drive system, 18 inch alloys, xenon plus headlamps with LED daytime running lights and for the Roadster, an electrohydraulic convertible top with power assisted wind deflector.

The German sports coupe will be powered by a 2.5 Liter engine with FSI direct injection producing 340 HP and 332 lb-ft of torque. The potent five-cylinder will provide outstanding performance, giving the RS a 0 to 60 MPH time of just 4.6 seconds and a top speed of around 175 MPH.

According to Audi’s plans, the TT-RS should hit U.S. showrooms by the end of this year, giving the TT-S enough time to enjoy its days in the sun as the top of the line TT.

Mazda RX-8

Mazda RX-8 gets new standard features

Mazda’s rotary powered rocket, the RX-8, has been given a few updates by the Japanese automaker in order to keep their sports car current and a bit more user friendly. The four-door, four-passenger sport compact has received rain-sensing windshield wipers, Mazda’s auto-light system and an audio-less option, all standard. However the most striking of the recent upgrades comes in the form of two new color choices for the exterior: Aluminum Metallic and Metropolitan Gray Mica.

Mazda has left the lovable 13B alone; the two-rotor motor still makes 232 HP in manually shifter vehicles. However, we are still awaiting word of a turbocharger.

Modern day AE86

Modern day AE86 still on its way

Prior reports have said that the Japanese automakers Toyota and Subaru will not bring their planned sport compact to market. However; according to 7Tune the rear wheel drive sports car is still on track and will be released sometime in the near future. Unfortunately when the vehicle does hit dealerships, it will be in limited supply.

Akio Toyoda, Toyota’s new CEO and avid motor sports fan, has been pushing to see the 21st century interpretation of the venerable AE86. Although the global economic situation isn’t the best to support sales for this kind of car and the necessary reallocation of funds have not made it easy for the Japanese automakers to develop this kind of vehicle. Toyoda is the right man to have at the helm in order to bring a modern day hachi-roku to market.

With the recent release of the Hyundai Genesis Coupe, automakers around the world will soon be scrambling to produce affordable rear drive sport compacts in order to capture whatever sales they can in this wide open segment.

Tesla prepares electric Porsche 911 competitor

The all electric car company Tesla Motors is doing all right for themselves; the Southern California based operation has already begun to open their boutique style dealerships in order to sell their current Roadster sports car, and upcoming Model S sedan. Unfortunately the automaker is not moving as many products as they would like, and they think the current lack of space in the open air roadster is a turn off to new car buyers.

However, according to Tesla CEO Elon Musk this will be solved in 2012 when his company will unveil their latest creation, an electric competitor for the Porsche 911. Based on the Model S platform, the future Tesla will be a 2+2, offering 10% more room for rear seat passengers and 50% more trunk space than the current 911. The Carrera competitor will also come with all wheel drive.

But one must consider, what affect the added weight of passengers and cargo will have on the E.V. Will it be enough to make the weight conscious battery powered sports car feel heavy and will the additional current it takes to move more mass take a toll on the vehicle’s fuel economy? We will just have to wait and see what the Tesla engineers can come up with.

Nissan 370Z Nurburgring Edition

Nissan 370Z Nurburgring Edition

The name Nissan is become synonymous with the word Nurburgring; the pair is popping up everywhere, most recently when the Japanese automaker’s first true super car, the GT-R, lapped the German racetrack in just 7 minutes and 26 seconds. Shifting gears over to Nissan’s newest Z car, while we here in the U.S. get the 370Z Nismo as a factory tuned option, Nissan owners in Europe get to drive a special Nurburgring Edition. This special edition 370Z will be limited to only 80 units and will be priced at €50,400.

The Nurburgring Edition is inspired by the Z cars that recently participated in the Nurburgring 24-hour endurance race. The cars will be painted in Premium Ultimate Yellow and will feature special decals, the factory exhaust will be swapped out for a more sonorous Cobra system and there will be a numbered plaque to identify each model. However the nicest feature will be the 19 inch OZ alloy wheels. The modifications will only be superficial; the 3.7 Liter V6 goes untouched, still making 331 HP. A nice touch from Nissan is that with every Nurburgring Edition comes a €150 gift card, redeemable at the ‘Ring.

The Bailey Blade

A new American super car, the Bailey Blade will go into production

This low slung Mad Max looking roadster combines the styling of a few American automotive icons and with its accentuated curves and bodylines adds an almost animated attitude to the vehicle. The front end looks like a mix between an old Mustang and Camaro with GT-40 style scoops on the hood, the side exit exhaust looks too much like an old Corvette Stingray or Shelby Cobra and the pronounced rear arches simply scream muscle car.

The Bailey Blade started as a simple project back in 2007, but now it will be going into full on production. The vehicle’s designer, Neal Bailey, started with a replica Cobra chassis, added a adjustable independent suspension, nothing like the transverse leaf springs of old. Under the hood, Bailey will use a range of Roush tuned Ford V8 making anywhere from 400 HP to 500+ HP.

This modern day Carroll Shelby has recreated the Cobra of the 1960’s. By combining a lightweight chassis with the most powerful Ford engine he can find Bailey has created a true American super car. Neal is currently working on the first three prototypes; they will each have 550 HP on tap, which means that they will go from 0 to 60 MPH in just 3.5 seconds. He expects the first batch be ready by October.

Gemballa Mirage GT Carbon Edition

Gemballa Mirage GT Carbon Edition

The super car tuners, Gemballa, have just revealed the low down on their Mirage GT Carbon Edition that was announced back in February. This very unique creation gives Porsche Carrera GT owners the opportunity to fully transform their German speed machine in to this wild carbon creation, for the measly sum of 298,000 euro, or about $423,000. However the production run will be extremely limited, Gemballa is only planning on popping five examples out of the mold. So hurry up and place your orders.

The aero package was designed for speed; it includes a front apron with larger openings and extra ducts on the sides, just like the lower side skirts. An area of low pressure sucks the Mirage to the road at speed thanks to an integrated diffuser underneath the car and an oversized GT wing up top.

The Gemballa slices through the air thanks to a little extra power from a retuned ECU and free flowing exhaust system. The result is 670 HP from the Porsche built 5.7 Liter V10. The Mirage GT Carbon Edition will be able to go from 0 to 60 MPH in 3.7 seconds and hit a top speed of 208 MPH thanks to the new aero.

Ferrari F450

Ferrari F450 spied again

The Italian super carmaker, Ferrari, is still working on the successor to their current F-430 mid engine sports car. The latest spy shot reveals that the car is far from being on a state of completion, but also despite the speculation, the new V8 will feature neither a turbocharger nor the company’s Kinetic Energy Recovery System derived from the KERS unit on the Formula 1 car.

What the spy photo does reveal is just how wide those rear tires are going to be and how low to the ground the transmission is mounted. The one thing that is unclear is whether the two metal tubes are part of the intake manifold or if they are the new F’s exhaust. Judging by the size of the rear bumper support, and lack of a place to route the tailpipes without making them unnecessarily long, the future car’s spent gasses could exit out the top of the vehicle in a manner similar to the F1 car. We will just have to wait until September to find out at the Frankfurt Motor Show when Ferrari unveils their latest creation.

Either way the car’s 4.6 Liter V8 will develop 520 HP making the future Ferrari F-450 more powerful than the factory tuned F-430 Scuderia, and with a lightweight body should be faster as well. The exterior of the 450 will be designed by Pininfarina, as usual, and will be offered in both coupe and spider variants.

Lexus LF-A

Lexus LF-A production version spied, in NFS SHIFT

Although the production version of the Lexus LF-A will make its official debut this October at the Tokyo Motor Show, there is a way that you can get behind the wheel of Lexus’s first ever super car today. All you need is a video game console and a copy of Need for Speed SHIFT. Judging from these photographs, it looks like the Lexus will be a playable vehicle in the upcoming racing simulator from EA Sports.

Need for Speed SHIFT is the latest offering from the NFS family of video games, in an attempt to change things up from the previous versions, SHIFT, will be a dedicated racing simulator. The game will feature 18 race tracks in all, with some patterned after actual circuits like the Nurburgring, Silverstone, Laguna Seca and Spa Francorchamps. It would be interesting to see if the LF-A could go around the ‘Ring for 24 hours in the video game without catching on fire.

Aston Martin V12 Vantage

Aston Martin V12 Vantage - new image gallery

Top Speed has just added 70 new high resolution images to the Aston Martin V12 Vantage gallery. Check it out and you will treat your eyes to the new 12 cylinder sports car in four awesome exterior colors: Titanium Silver, Magma Red, Mako Blue and Hardly Green.

Just to remind you why you will be looking, the V12 Vantage makes 510 HP, can go from 0 to 60 MPH in 4.2 seconds and has a top speed of 190 MPH. The vehicle will be produced in short supply, only 1000 examples will be hand built by Aston Martin.

Stay tuned to Top Speed for a closer look at this amazing Aston Martin, because the super car coach builder is making a stop in Miami to let us have a closer look this Friday.