Saturday, June 6, 2009

Ford Capri

If Ford brings back the Capri, this could be it!

If Ford brings back the Capri, this could be it!

The Ford Capri was Europe’s answer to the Mustang; sure the vehicle was equipped with a smaller engine, but it was still an attractive, rear wheel drive sports car that offered good performance for the money.

Blue oval fans have been spreading rumors about a comeback for the Capri for over a year now. They are saying that Ford will release a Capri concept sometime this year, and hopefully, followed by a production version for 2010.

If the plan does come to fruition, the new Capri would share the same front wheel drive platform as the Ford Focus and will benefit from the company’s new “Kinetic Design.” If the Capri ever hits the streets, look for it to be lining up at stoplights for impromptu time trials alongside hot hatches, like Volkswagen’s new Scirocco.

Bugatti Royale

This is probably not the first time you have heard about the upcoming four-door four-seater coming from Bugatti. The concept version will be revealed at this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show in celebration of company’s 100th anniversary, and production is expected to begin sometime within the next three years.

The Royale sedan will be inspired by the 1927 Type 41 Royale and will be no less expensive and exclusive as Bugatti’s current supercar, the 16 cylinder, quad turbo, 1001 HP Veyron.

Developed in collaboration with Bentley, the new Royale sedan will be built using the next Arnage’s platform and will incorporate much of the technology already found in the Veyron. Like the four-wheel-drive system, the 8.0 Liter boosted W16 engine. In the saloon version, the engine will be detuned to deliver only 987 HP and 1,250 Nm of torque. Although less than the coupe, the Royale will still be able to sprint from 0 to 60 mph in 3 seconds and hit a top speed of over 250 MPH.

Lexus LF-A will go on sale in 2010: limited to only 500 units

Lexus LF-A will go on sale in 2010: limited to only 500 units

A short while ago, Top Speed announced that the production version of the Lexus LF-A super car will make its official debut this October at the Tokyo Auto Salon, and that potential Lexus super car owners would be able to start placing orders shortly thereafter. Fortunately for collectors, the Japanese automaker is limiting the production of their V10 powered super car to just 500 units, with 120 of them headed for their domestic market.

When the LF-A does hit showrooms, don’t expect to call it an LF-A, instead the Japanese luxury car maker is going to adopt the GT moniker "in order to express the car’s character." The GT name will be combined with some iteration of the car’s 550 HP maximum output. So it will most likely be called the Lexus GT550, it would be nice for the Toyota subsidiary to bring back the Supra name, but maybe that will happen later on. So just remember, when you go to the dealership to place your order, don’t ask for an LF-A.

Golden Bentley Continental GT spotted in Dubai

Golden Bentley Continental GT spotted in Dubai

Lately, golden cars have been popping up everywhere, especially in Dubai. Following in the tradition of the golden Hamann Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano and the golden Bugatti Veyron, may we present to you, the golden Bentley Continental GT.

If white has become the color of choice for Europeans and black the chosen shade for Americans, it would seem that Arabs are partial to the reflective golden surface treatment. Lets just hope that the golden GT doesn’t share the same fate as the golden Porsche

BMW Motorrad Technology Bearer For Highly Dynamic Systems

BMW Motorrad Technology Bearer For Highly Dynamic Systems

As part of research activities on future regulation systems, a motorcycle test vehicle has been created under the umbrella of BMW Group research and technology. This vehicle has a very high engine output and lightweight construction technology and is designed to test highly dynamic processes in engine and driving dynamics management under extreme conditions. BMW Head of Development Prof. Burkhard Göschel said that the choice of a motorcycle to study fundamental technological developments (...)

Knight XV

Knight XV for the urban grocery assault

If you’re still feeling paranoid that the soccer moms will be able to penetrate your BMW X5 security, then upgrade to the Knight XV. Taking a bow a SEMA, this $295,000 urban assault vehicle is Pimp My Ride meets a disputed eastern European country. This fully armored vehicle comes with Wilton Wool carpeting, Andrew Muirhead leather, 6-way seating, tandem sunroof glass with privacy shades, side-mounted laptop stations, LED cabin lighting, an Alpine DVD navigation and Bluetooth connectivity, TVs, night vision and rear operation camera system, and a PlayStation 3.

The company says it uses biofuel to power the 400 hp V10. So if anybody asks, you can just tell them it runs off the people who get in your way.

The makers are looking to have an initial run of 100 vehicles. That may be fine considering there’s got to be at least that many ultra-rich out there who describe the outside world as doing the hell-in-a-handbasket thing.

Rubber Mount Y2K

Cory Ness's rubber mount Y2K

Jeff Goudreau was a longtime Softail rider, but after trying out one of Cory Ness’s rubber mount steeds, he caught the bug to build a machine with the smooth riding quality of Harley’s Dyna, only more stylish: a chopper. And that led him back to his old buddy with an idea-why not make a rubber mount chopper based on Ness’ Y2K frame? He started by bolting up the rolling chassis. Speedpoint wheels with Avon shoes and Ness/PM brake set ups were mated to the rear swingarm and for the front (...)